CBD Beboe Pen


CBD Beboe Pen


Calming blend combines pure hemp-derived CBD with tasty citrus terpenes. This all-in-one sleek & subtle pen offers a fast-acting way to help curb anxiety, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation without any of that funny business.

Be Cool, Calm and Collected

  1. Pen contains 500mg of naturally cultivated CBD oil blended with calming essential oils and plant-derived citrus and grapefruit terpenes.

  2. Elegant and discreet packaging.

  3. No psychotropic effects of THC / no feelings of being ‘high’.

  4. Disposable and recyclable.

  5. Best if used within 90 days


  1. Warm the oil by drawing 3 times.

  2. Draw and exhale your desired dose.

  3. Repeat as necessary.

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